The Research Institute of Earth Sciences was established in 1994 with the permission of the Council for the Development of Higher Education as a university unit under the supervision of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology. The main purpose of establishing the research institute is to increase specialized knowledge and answer scientific questions in the organization by implementing study projects since 1995 through the national exam of the assessment organization in the master's degree in geology accepted tectonic orientation and since 1997 every year in four Accepts the student of Economic Geology, Stratigraphy and Fossilology, Tectonics and Petrology. So far, 252 people have graduated from the research institute in the four mentioned orientations in the master's degree program. Since 1392, with the permission of the Higher Education Development Council of the Research Institute, he has been accepting students in the field of tectonics for research doctorate. Currently, the research institute is consulting with other universities inside and outside the country, which, if approved by the Council for the Development of Higher Education, will launch a doctorate in geology in other fields in the research institute to achieve its ultimate goal of training specialists at the highest level. Reach. In addition to the doctoral program at the master's level, there is also an increase in geological orientations. The topics of students' dissertations are mostly applied sciences and some of them have been done in the framework of preparing geological maps of Iran in the scale of 1: 100000, a clear example of which is the preparation of 1: 100000 maps of Tabas and Sarv, which is assigned to the Research Institute of Earth Sciences. It turned out that with the cooperation of students and professors of the research institute, these maps were prepared and published in the form of student dissertations.