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Arc volcano releases mix of material Earth's mantle and crust
Basalt a common type of volcano shows a surprising contribution the descending oceanic plate. Analyses show that magnesium atoms are somehow drawn out of the crust, deep below the surface.
17 July 2016
Popcorn-like fossils provide evidence of environmental impacts on species numbers
The number of species that can exist on Earth depends on how the environment changes, according to new research By analyzing the fossil record of microscopic aquatic creatures called planktonic foraminifera, whose fossil remains now resemble miniaturized popcorn and date back millions of years, the research provided the first statistical evidence that environmental changes put a cap on species richness
17 July 2016
Scientists Find Tiny Pieces of Opal in Meteorite
Small pieces of the mineral opal have been found within a brecciated ureilite meteorite Antarctica. According to a team of scientists led by Prof. Hilary Downes of Birkbeck College London, UK, this find demonstrates that meteorites delivered water ice to asteroids the early Solar System
17 July 2016
Geologists Discover New Layer in Earth’s Mantle
New research led by Dr Hauke Marquardt of the University of Bayreuth, Germany, suggests the existence of a previously unknown superviscous layer inside our planet: part of the lower mantle the rock gets 3 times stiffer. Such a layer may explain why tectonic plate slabs seem to pool at 930 miles (1,500 km) under Indonesia and South America’s Pacific coast.
24 April 2016