Dr. Mohammad Reza Sheikholeslami

Associate professor


Contact Details                                                                                                                     

Tel: 98(21) 64592476

Fax: 98(21) 66070511

Email: rezasheikholeslami@yahoo.com; sheikholeslami@ries.ac.ir

Address: Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Meraj Ave, Azadi Sq, P.O.Box 13185-1494, Tehran, Iran



PhD    Université de Bretagne Occidentale, France (2002)

Structural Geology and Tectonics

Evolution structurale et métamorphism de la marge sud de la microplaque de l'Iran centrale: Les complexes métamorphiques de la région de Neyriz (Zone de Sanandaj- Sirjan).

Supervisors: Prof. Alain Piqué & Prof. Mosaeib Sabzehei

MSc    Azad University, North Tehran Branch, Iran (1994)

            Structural Geology

Geology, structural geology and seismotectonic study of Davaran area, Central Iran

            Supervisor: Prof. Mohsen Pourkermani

BSc     Azad University, Shahroud Branch, Iran (1990)

            Engineering Geology


Research Interest                                                                                                     

Ductile deformation, Microtectonics, Strain analysis, Tectonic events, Sedimentation and tectonics, Geological mapping


Recent Projects                                                                                                         

-Geology and tectonic studies in Kopeh-Dagh and Binalud areas

-Data base of Iran faults

-Geology, structural and metamorphic study of the Bajgan metamorphic complex

-Tectonostratigraphy and deformation history of the Khabre-Baghat areas, Sanandaj-Sirjan zone

-Paleozoic and Mesozoic metamorphic complexes of the Southern part of the Sanadaj-Sirjan Zone

-Structural and microstructural analysis of southern Mahalat metamorphic rocks

-Structural and microstructural investigations of the metamorphic rocks in Ghasem Abad area (North of Lut Block)

-Neotethys extentional evidence northeast of Neyriz, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone 

-Strain and vorticity analysis of Paleozoic metamorphic rocks of North Qatrueiyeh, Sanandaj-Sirjan Zone


Chosen Publication                                                                                                                

Sheikholeslami, M.R., Bellon, H., Hachem Emami, M., Sabzehei, M., Piqué, A. (2003). Nouvelles données structurales et datations 40K-40Ar sur les roches métamorphiques de la région de Neyriz (zone de Sanandaj-Sirjan, Iran méridonal). Leur intérêt dans le cadre du domaine néo-téthysien du Moyen Orient. C.R.Geoscience, 335, 981-991

Navabpour, P.,  Heydarzadeh, G., Mafi, A., Sheikholeslami, M.R., Haghipour, N. (2006). A preface to the Paleostress reorientations in the Kopet-Dagh after Triassic Period, Geosciences, 15, 59,176-183 (In Farsi)

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