Dr. Mohammad R. Ghassemi

Position: Associate Professor


Contacts Details

Tel: (9821)64592476

Fax: (9821)66070511

E-Mail: ghassemi.m.r@gmail.com

Address: Research Institute for Earth Sciences (RIES), Geological Survey of Iran (GSI), Mera, Ave., Azadi Sq.

Tehran, Iran



  • Associate Professor; RIES;   2013-present
  •  Assistant Professor; RIES; 2003-2013
  •  Assistant Professor; Damghan Basic Sciences University; 1992-2003
  •  Deputy Director for Geology, GSI; 2005-2011
  •  Manager for Regional Geology, GSI; 2003-2005
  • Head of Tectonics Group, GSI; 2000-2003



Major: Structural Geology, Teconics

Research Interests:

  •  Active teconics
  •  Seismotectonics
  •  Folding and faulting processes
  •  Field geology


Recent Projects

  • Surface ruptures of Iranian earthquakes
  •  Surface cracking in Zagros foreland region
  •  Balanced cross-sections in western Kopeh-Dagh
  •  Folding processes in Mianeh region


Chosen Publications


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