Dr. Hamid Nazari

Vice Director


Contacts Details

Tel: 0098 21 66070518

E-Mail: h.nazari@gsi.ir



Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Azadi Sq., Meraj-street,  Tehran-Iran.

Post box: 13185-1494



2015                HDR in Paleoseismology,  Universite Montpellier, Montpellier-France      

2006                PhD in Geology, University of Montpellier II; Montpellier-France

1996                MSc in Structural geology, Azad Islamic university, Tehran-Iran

1991                BS in Geology, University of Esfahan 


2009-present  Assistant professor, Research Institute for Earth sciences

2011-2012       Head of dept. of Marine geophysics

2011-2013       Head of Geo-hazard advisory board in GSI

Since 2009      Deputy of Research Institute for Earth sciences

1999-2008       Senior geologist in Seismotectonic Dept.

1997-1999       Senior geologist in Dept.

1995-1997       Head of Dept.

1992-1995       Field geologist in Stratigraphy Dept.

Since 1992      Geologist in Geological Survey of Iran



Major: Active Tectonic


Research Interests:

  •  paleoseismology
  •  paleoclimatology
  •  Archeoseismology
  •  Hazard assesment

Recent Projects


Chosen Publications


  • Nazari, H. (2015). Analyse de la tectonique active en Iran : Approches morphotectonique at paléosismologique : Implication en termes d’aléa sismique. Géosciences Montpellier, HDR thesis, Université Montpellier, Montpellier, France, pp :116.
  • Naimi-Ghassabian, N., Khatib, M.M., Nazari, H., Heyhat, MR., (2015), Present-day tectonic regime and stress patterns the formal inversion of focal mechanism data, in the North of Central–East Iran Blocks, Journal of African Earth Sciences, 111, 113-126.
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  • Mkrtchyan, M.K., Ritz, J-F., Avagyan, A.V., Nazari, H., Karakhanian, A.S.,Blard, P-H., Martirosyan, M.P., (2014), New paleoseismological insights along the south eastern part of the pambak-sevan-sunik active fault, Electronic Journal of Natural Sciences, 23 (2), 3-8.
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  • Nazari, H., (2014), Probable Tsunami in the South Caspian Sea by a large earthquake!, ISEMG 2014, Adryaman -Turkey, 24-26 October.
  • Nazari, H., (2014), Timing Analysis of the eventual earthquake in the Tehran region, Iran, ISEMG 2014, Adryaman –Turkey, 24-26 October.
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