Dr.Manouchehr Ghorashi

Position:Associate Prof.


Contacts Details

Tel: 0098-21-64592473

Fax: 0098-21-66070511

E-Mail: Ghorashi_manouchehr@yahoo.com


Azadi sq. , Meraj street, Geological Survey of Iran



  • Associate Professor; Reaserch Institute for Earth Seiences


Major: Tectonics

Research Interests:

  •  Seismotectonics
  •  Morpho and Neotectonics
  •  Global Tectonics

Recent Projects

  • Seismic Hazard Map Preparation of Iran


Chosen Publications:

  • Aminipanah, M., Ghorashi, M., Pourkermani, M., Asadi, A. and Behzadafshar, K., 2016. Source Characteristics of the 2012 Ahar-Varzaghan Earthquake. Open Journal of Geology, 6(01), p.39.
  •  Takieh, E.A.D., Ghorashi, M. and Rezaie, F., 2015. The Transverse Topographic Symmetry Factor of Darakeh Stream in the North Tehran, Iran.Open Journal of Geology, 5(11), p.770.
  •  Sadeghi, R., Saeedi, A., Arian, M., Ghorashi, M. and Solgi, A., 2015. Comparison of Strain Ellipsoid Shape in the South of Ardabil Range (NW), Based on the Results of the Magnetic Susceptibility Anisotropy and Paleostress Methods. Open Journal of Geology, 5(09), p.611.
  •  Alimardan, s., Solaymani, a.s., Ghorashi, m., Ghassemi, m., Oveisi, b. And Hatami, a., 2015. Morph otectonic markers and active faulting research in hashtgerd new town, west of karaj. GEOSCIENCES 24 (94), 0-0.
  •   Bagha, N., Arian, M., Ghorashi, M., Pourkermani, M., El Hamdouni, R. and Solgi, A., 2014. Evaluation of relative tectonic activity in the Tehran basin, central Alborz, northern Iran. Geomorphology, 213, pp.66-87.
  •  Pazhoohan, M., Arian, M., Ghorashi, M. and Khosrotehrani, K., 2014. A Study of Drainage Pattern Responses to Active Tectonics in Tadvan Region ‚SW Iran. Geodynamics, 1(2), pp.36-41.
  •  Copley, A., Faridi, M., Ghorashi, M., Hollingsworth, J., Jackson, J., Nazari, H., Oveisi, B. and Talebian, M., 2013. The 2012 August 11 Ahar earthquakes: consequences for tectonics and earthquake hazard in the Turkish–Iranian Plateau. Geophysical Journal International, p.ggt379.
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  •  Forouhid, K., Faraji, A. and Ghorashi, M., 2010, May. Study and comparison of the maximum stress directions and main fault orientations in some active zones in Iran. In EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts (Vol. 12, p. 6608).
  •  Khavari, R., Arian, M. and Ghorashi, M., 2009. Neotectonics of the South Central Alborz drainage basin, in NW Tehran, N Iran. Journal of Applied Sciences, 9(23), pp.4115-4126.
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  • Nissen, E., Ghorashi, M., Jackson, J., Parsons, B. and Talebian, M., 2007. The 2005 Qeshm Island earthquake (Iran)—a link between buried reverse faulting and surface folding in the Zagros Simply Folded Belt?. Geophysical Journal International, 171(1), pp.326-338.
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