Dr.Afshin Akbarpour

Assistant Professor


Contacts Details

Tel: 00982164592351

Fax: 00982164592237


Address: Research institute in earth sciences


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  • Advisor Engineer; the ministry and metal Kurdistan province;   1995-1997
  • Head of exploration department ; the ministry and metal Kurdistan province;   1997-2000
  • Advisor Engineer; G.S.I(geochemical exploration department);   2000-2004
  • Deputy head of GED; G.S.I );   2004-2006
  • Head of GED; G.S.I );   2006-2014
  • Deputy manager ; G.S.I(regional exploration department);   2014-2016
  • Assistant Professor; Research institute in earth sciences);   2016-03-01 till now 



Major: Exploration Geochemistry and economic geology

Research Interests:

  •  Exploration geochemistry and isotop geochemistry.
  •  Mineralization in metal mines.
  • Copper porphyry with epithermal veins.
  •  Rare earth elements relation with magnetite mines.

Recent Projects

  • The study and comparison REE in Fe-Apatite deposits in southeast of Zanja city.
  • The study rare earth elements with use geochemical and heavy mineral exploration in east Hajiabad.(Zavieh 1/100000 sheet)
  • The study copper and magnetite mineralization in kashan area.(Darreh rahim village)
  •  The study structural geology in Aliabad koromite mine.(Foroumad 1/1000000 sheet)
  •  The Environmental geochemistry study in Zanjan city.
  •  The Copper mineralization study in Hallab 1/100000 sheet.


Chosen Publications

  • Akbarpour, A.and Rasa.A,Mehrpartou.M, (2007). Gold mineralization with special refer to masjeddaghi eastern Azarbaijan,in scientific Quarterly Journal GEOCCIENCES ,Vol 16 No 62.
  • Akbarpour.A,Rasa.A,Mehrpartou.M,(2007),alteration haloes on masjeddaghi eastern Azarbaijan by in scientific Quarterly Journal GEOCCIENCES ,Vol 16 No 63,Spring.
  • Akbarpour.A,Gholami.N,Saidi.A(2008),Geochemical exploration and study on combined halos of elements in soil samples of Masjeddaghi jolfa area. By Akbarpour.A,Gholami.N,Saidi.A in scientific Quarterly Journal GEOCCIENCES ,Vol 16 No 67.   
  • Azizi.H,Akbarpour.A,(2009),Petrology of Eocene volcanic rocks in the East of Sanandaj ,scientific Quarterly Journal GEOCCIENCES ,Vol 16 No 74, (national journal)     
  • Azizi.A,  Mehrabi,B; Akbarpour,A,(2009) ,Tertiary magnetite-apatite deposits genesis, southeast of Zanjan, Iran. Vol 59 pp. 330-341, Resource Geology.
  • Azizi, H,Tarverdi, AM. Akbarpour, A,(2010), Extraction of hydrothermal alterations ASTER SWIR data east Zanjan, northern Iran, Advances In Space Research ,Vol 46, pp.99-109.
  •  Farjandi,F,Bastani,H,Akbarpour,A,(2011),BioGeochemistry exploration for searching Cu,Pb and Zn minerakization in masjeddaghi jolfa (NW Iran),accepted scientific Quarterly Journal GEOCCIENCES.
  • Akbarpour,A.Gholami,N. Azizi,H. Torab,F.M.Cluster and R-mode factor analyses on soil geochemical data of Masjed-Daghi exploration area, northwestern Iran and R-mode factor analyses on soil data of Masjed-Daghi exploration area, northwestern Iran,Arabian journal,Published on line:3 June 2012.
  • Moinevaziri,H,Akbarpour,A ,Azizi,H(2014)Mesozoic magmatism in the northwestern Sanandaj-Sirjan zone as an evidence for active continental margin,Arabian journal,Published on line:24 April 2014.