Dr. Morteza Talebian

Director of Research Institute for Earth Sciences


Contacts Details

 Tel:   0098-66070518

 Fax:  0098-66070511

E-Mail: morteza.talebian@gmail.com


Research Institute for Earth Sciences, Geological Survey of Iran, Azadi Sq., Meraj-street,  Tehran-Iran.

Post box: 13185-1494



  • Director of the Research Institute for Earth Sciences,GSI;   2009-present
  •  Head of Seismotectonic department, Geological Survey of Iran; 1996-2007
  •  PhD in Seismotectonic; University of Cambridge; 2000-2003
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Seismology; The International Institute of Seismology and Earthquake Engineering, Japan; 1994- 95.  


Major: Seismotectonic

Research Interests:

  • Morphotectonic Study of Active Faults
  • Earthquake Seismology
  • Earthquake Hazard Assesment


Recent Projects

  • Earthquake Hazard Assesment


        Chosen Publications:


  • Nemati, M., Hollingsworth J., Zhan Z., Bolourchi M. J., and Talebian M., Microseismicity and seismotectonics of the South Caspian Lowlands, NE Iran, Geophys. J. Int. 193(3): 1053-1070.doi: 10.1093/gji/ggs114, 2013.
  • Ghods, A., Rezapour, E. Bergman, G. Mortezanejad, and M. Talebian, Relocation of the 2006 Mw 6.1 Silakhour, Iran, Earthquake Sequence: Details of Fault Segmentation on the Main Recent Fault, BSSA, 102, 398-416, 2012.
  •  Fattahi, M., Walker, R.T., Talebian, M., Sloan, R.A. and Rasheedi, A. The structure and late Quaternary slip rate of the Rafsanjan strike-slip fault, SE Iran. Geosphere, 7: 1159-1174, 2011.
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